SweetLeaf Studios is made up of four very talented individuals. Click on the links below to visit their webpages or e-mail them.

Christopher "ClassicG" Corkum - Programmer

Christopher is SweetLeaf's programmer and a true game fanatic. His collection of computer software, infamously known as the "Wall o' Games", is near legendary.


Jason "Jaco" Hanley - Graphic Artist

Besides simply doing graphics for SweetLeaf titles, Jaco has also added his musical talent to our projects. Aside from his SweetLeaf duties, he lends his skills to writing comics books.


Clint "Ocean" Scott - Graphic Artist

Clint is a veteran to the artistic community with nearly 20 years experience in a variety of mediums. Though he enjoys creating more traditional art, his most recent work focuses on 3D.

Visit Clint's Webpage - E-mail

Mark "Decoy" Magennis - Graphic Artist

Mark is the interface and packaging designer for SweetLeaf. He is also the designer of the website and its webmaster. (Pretty nice work, huh?)


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